About Us

Supplying Toronto with wholesale produce since 2003

DiLiso’s Fresh 2U Produce Inc. is a wholesale fruits and vegetables distribution company located in Toronto, Ontario. The company was established in 2018 in an amalgamation of DiLiso’s Fine Foods Ltd. and Fresh 2U Produce Inc.

DiLiso’s Fresh 2U Produce owners John DiLiso and Elmer Garcia both came from retail produce backgrounds and both opened wholesale produce distribution companies in the early 2000s. Now, with the two companies merged, Elmer and John have a staff and a small fleet of trucks delivering fresh produce all over the Greater Toronto Area.

DiLiso’s Fresh 2U sources fresh produce daily at the Ontario Food Terminal where Elmer and John have cultivated relationships and even friendships with farmers, growers and suppliers. The DiLiso’s Fresh 2U team delivers wholesale fruits and vegetables to grocery stores, food service establishments, casinos and retirement homes in Toronto and beyond.

Bushels of gourds on display on a Toronto street with a Toronto taxi in the background